Web Development Services

Cape Town South Africa


Drupal & WordPress Content Management Systems

Scalable websites to infinity and beyond, without the hassle of potentially breaking anything.

If you need an immensely powerful platform to house your inventory or growing portfolio, but would like to have a website that is easy to use yet scalable to your liking, Digital Nature is keen to provide you with your unique platform.

We use both Drupal and WordPress content management systems to provide you with the correct solution for your project.

Giving you a default website is fast and easy, and has become the industry standard.

This is well within our capability, however, if you would like a truly customized and unique platform, Digital Nature is excited to help you.

Every website includes:

  • Essential Search Engine Optimization
  • Contact Forms for leads

  • Social Media integration

  • User login and instructional guides

  • Google Analytics for performance insights

  • Superior hosting for fast and secure websites

  • Responsive design for modern devices


The Procedure:

  • Understanding your needs

  • Planning your website for online success

  • UX design

  • Development & SEO implementation

  • Revisions & testing

  • Launching your websites & indexing it across multiple search engines

  • Continuous maintenance & upgrades

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